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Nominated for a Guide Award 2017

Pleased to be nominated for a Portsmouth Guide Award for best comedy alongside some great other acts.

BEST COMEDY sponsored by Portsmouth Cultural Trust

1 Sunjai Arif – Won bath Comedy Festival New Act 2017

2 Sean Collins – Scene veteran started a new comedy club in Gosport

3 Mike Cox – Busy gigging across the UK

4 Nathan Eagle – Winning fans with his surreal storytelling

5 Michael Frankland – Hosts a regular open mic night at the Dolphin in Old Portsmouth

6 The Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue – Deserving of better than being ripped off on Britain’s Got Talent

7 Matt Roseblade – Toured Dignity Off with Sunjai Arif

8 Suzi Ruffell – You can take the girl out of Portsmouth, etc...

9 Joe Wells – Took his second show, I Hope I Die Before I Start Voting Conservative to Edinburgh Read More:

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