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Dignity Off at the Brighton fringe

Very proud to have taken my first show to a fringe festival; a spilt hour show with my good friend Matt Roseblade at the Brighton Fringe.

Dignity Off

Matt is 50 and well presented with his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Sunjai is 30 and far from presentable with his head way up in the clouds.

Marvel at the eloquence of Matt’s spoken word as he turns the likes of body waxing, dolphin sex and death by prostitute into sheer poetry.

Feel the joy and excitement as Sunjai shows you the world through his eyes, you’ll lean forward in your chair not knowing what he’ll do next.

Watch them battle it out in the ultimate face off to decide who has the most (or least) self-respect.

"Sunjai is an excellent performer. Able to reduce the room to giggles just by velcro-ing bits of fake fur to his chest. Makes out he's unpolished but has exquisite timing. The kind of comic who could slay you just by the way he pretends to put his glasses on." - Voice Magazine

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